Bharatanatyam – a jewel in the crown of Indian classical dances – has a spiritual background making it sublime. Natya Shastra, composed by Lord Brahma and propagated by sage Bharata is considered Panchama Veda – the fifth treatise of knowledge.

Bharata is an acronym for Bhava (emotion), Raga (music) and Tala (rhythm) which are the three essential components of Dance.

The art of classical dance being based on scientific principles offers immense benefits to the physique of a practitioner making the body supple, face lively, eyes radiant, mind alert and demeanor courtions

Devika who has given more than 700 shows in Karnataka and other states of India and UK has benefited immensely from the vast experience of her Nritya Gurus Vidwan Sri K Chandrashekar Navada and Prof.C.V Chandrashekar .Herself a teacher, Devika has engaged in popularizing Bharatanatyam globally.

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