We are a female led, young, diverse team with ambitions and positively driven who are committed to deliver refined qualitative traditional Indian/ South Asian dance and theatre works to wider communities.

Our mission is to engage communities with South Asian dance dialogue journeys that encourage involvement in performing arts to empower, optimise the health and wellbeing of the public i.e. the youth and kids of the future by delivering educational activities, historical projects, eco awareness programmes, workshops, performances in the UK and beyond.

Diversity with artistic expression, understanding and spreading awareness of different cultures and creating platforms for communities to embark on such journeys are the prime objectives of our company.

Young talents that need support is one of the most vital aims and the heart of the company’s vision. The Company will aspire to provide an cohesive environment where young people can value the art form to draw a pathway that leads them to our professional development programmes / syllabus whilst being mentored through ( CPD) internship programmes.

Inclusivity is key to our company; we are a team of diverse individuals, including those from the LGBT community, ethnic minorities and those with registered disabilities. We strive to make our services accessible for everyone, through projects that focus on underprivileged communities. No matter what a person’s background is, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

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